Monday, 1 July 2013

Three days in London

I spent exhilarating three days in London at the Evangelical Ministry assembly with about 1200 other church leaders and preachers, being inspired, motivated and encouraged by Rico Tice, Vaughan Roberts and others.

Tremendous ministry and fellowship, a real privilege to be there.

It also brings back  one of my long standing issues. This was a conservative evangelical conference. How can I be both conservative evangelical and  charismatic? It seems to me that the error that the CEs can fall into is in believing that god is at work today by his word ONLY. And  maybe that charismatics  undervalue the importance of God's word in his work?

I so want to be a minister that ministers in truth and power in the might of his Holy Spirit with whatever God has given, avoiding excess and error, but taking hold of  the Spirit and Word. May God help all who were at the EMA to do so.