Sunday, 26 January 2014

Strong Leadership

Long time since I posted.

This  anonymous quote came on the PCF blog. Sobering stuff, and difficult to process for those of us who aspire to be leaders, and like getting their own way.

" I once read that the reason Michael Jordan hasn't been able to succeed at being the president of a NBA team (below .500 win percentage) is because he was so use to hearing  Yes  as a player. He was Michael Jordan, who was going to say  no  to him? On the court he was the best player, no one could stop him. As a leader in the front office, not so much. All great leaders need  someone or a group of people who's not afraid to say  I'm not sure if that's the best way . And all great leaders shouldn't be afraid of this. They should actually welcome it. You can't surround yourself with  Yes  men and women and expect to succeed. You need some folks you trust and that will tell you if your idea stinks."

Of course this doesn't apply to me as my ideas never stink.

Yeah, right.