Saturday, 25 May 2013

Upside Down

"Upside Down"

is the title of a book by Stacy Rinehart (a bloke...he has to be American!) on the subject of leadership.

In it he explores  what he calls the paradox of servant leadership. It gets right to the heart of what I am constantly trying to grapple with. The model of leadership that Jesus endorses is all the do with servant leadership, with preferring one another above ourself, with taking the lowest position. Yet the nature of leadership is such that we find ourselves in front of others, seeking to influence them to go in the way that we believe that they should.

How does that work?

A great book on leadership from a man  who comes out of the Navigator stable, a movement that has had, and continues to have a profound influence on my life.

Anyone in leadership could do with this book.

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