Thursday, 11 April 2013

Being Changed...

One of the more unsettling things about the Christian life and  especially Christian ministry is that God's priorities are not always mine.

My priorities tend to be around God working through me and others to build the best church in town. God's priorities? - my transformation into the likeness of  Christ. aaarrrgghhh!

Been reading "Renovation of the Heart" by Dallas Willard where he spells out the priority, necessity and the process of being transformed by God. Really helpful understanding of the practical way that this can happen and the steps we need to go through to allow God to do his  work. The irony is that once we adopt God's priorities, we become vessels that  are more fitted to do the work we love - working with Jesus to build his church.

Not an easy book to read or apply and not one for the faint-hearted, but certainly one to challenge and change us.

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